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Chris "Mr. Tat2z" Santa Cruz has been tattooing and piercing in the Little Rock area for 25 over  years. He is the owner of "The Psychodelic Butterfly". He's got tons of experience, and is an accredited teacher of body art. Chris does an amazing job, and tattooing is his passion.



Mike Santa Cruz is an exceptional artist, who has been tattooing and piercing in the central Arkansas area since 1990, that's longer than any other artist in our area! With over 30 years of experience. Mike can do it all, Black and grey, color, piercings, you name it, he's got it!!



David Snow is a true artist, with amazing talent. David has been tattooing for over 20 years. David has done many covers for SYNC magazine, and was the editor and illustrator of the ninties #1 motorcycle magazine, Iron Horse. His designs have been featured on Hanes tee-shirts, and he is a recognized name in the tattoo industry. If you are looking for an awesome custom piece, David can make an idea into a beautiful piece of art that you will enjoy forever.

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Christina "Frog" Lewis is a licensed tattoo artist and body piercer. Frog is constantly continuing her education, and she provides a relaxed and informative atmosphere for all of her clients. Frog is very versatile. She can do many tattoo styles including custom lettering and colorful pieces. Frog has been in the tattoo industry for over 10 years. She continues to excel and raise the bar, while maintaining a clean and friendly environment. For a great tattoo or piercing from a great person, Frog is the one to see.

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